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Health Works Awards

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Bronze, Ingol and Tanterton Community Trust ( INTACT)

We are working to develop a workplace health culture as we value our employees and want to ensure that they are able to access information and gain support on health-related issues. I would strongly recommend all organisations to take on this initiative and support their employees by promoting healthy living

Ali Barkley
Deputy CEO - Intact

Ali Barkley

Intact (Ingol and Tanterton Community Trust) acheives bronze

Who are Intact?

Intact is a Community Trust, situated in the heart of the community and is for the community.  Our mission statement is 'To make a difference by being there' and we aim to make a real and positive difference to local people.  We do this in many ways such as:

  •  Providing a drop in service.

  • Running activities such as genealogy and craft courses. 

  • Facilitiating community events such as the Summer festival, Dickensain Christmas Faye, and Sports Day.

  • Offering employment advice and information.

  • Offering skills courses such as CV writing, interviewing skills and confidenece building, Chiropodist, Holistic therapies, playschemes for children.

  • Homework club, fishing club, sports clubs etc. 

The majority of our work can only be achieved through the continued support of our volunteers, and we offer a quality volunteering programme for people over the ages of 16 years. Intact is currently working towards the achievement of Investors in Volunteering.

Alcohol awareness session.

As part of the portfolio development process, Intact delivered a alcohol awareness session to staff.  This session was supproted by  NHS Central Lancashire and involved information on alcohol units and the distribution of alcohol measures for staff to use.  The session was well attended and enjoyed.

Staff Quote:

" The cups are great, I now know how much alcohol units I should be having and I can also use it for water whilst at work."