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Alcohol & Substance Misuse

It is estimated that alcohol misuse costs industry several billion pounds each year.

6-14 million working days in the UK are estimated to be lost each year due to alcohol related sickness absence.

Your business can benefit from tackling alcohol and substance misuse by providing assistance for problems, health education and having a fair and consistent procedure.

Alcohol Misuse:

If employees are feeling hung-over, unwell, anxious and depressed because of the amount of alcohol they are drinking, this may affect their work or the people they work with. If they take time off work it puts extra pressure on colleagues who have to cover while they’re away. It’s not the best way to further their career or build good working relationships.

If you need help developing an Alcohol statement or policy, then you can view this document here.

If you looking for ways to inform your workforce about issues around alcohol & substance misuse, we have some suggestions for you here:

  • Drink awareness - do you know the calorie intake of drinking alcohol?  Here are some calorie calculations and facts.
  • Track your drink, calculate your intake of the units of alcohol and also get feedback. 
  • Promotional displays that highlight the key messages and provide information and leaflets.  You can use some of the information here in those displays.
  • Distribute leaflets and information by email or with payslips.  Here is an example leaflet titled How much is too much?  
  •  Find out about the important statistics and key facts on alcohol misuse.

Substance Misuse:

For the people who take them, illegal drugs can be a serious problem. They're responsible for between 1,300 and 1,400 deaths a year in Britain. But that's not the end of the damage that drugs do. They also wreck thousands of relationships, families, and careers. 

Here are some suggestions as to how you can improve your employees health by making information available to them:

  • Talk to Frank about drug and substance misuse by providing links on your intranet. 
  • Help and advice can be accessed via the NHS choices website
  • Provide information on where to get help within your policy or statement and display this on your intranet or through newsletters too
  • Signpost to support services so that employees can get the help they need.

REMEMBER…if you have any questions about what you should do or how you evidence your activities, please contact your Health Works Assessor using the details on the contact us page.